Because it's time to finally decide & stick to a niche.



Haven't figured out your niche?

If you're:

1. Unsure how to distinguish yourself from others in your arena.

2. Hesitant to choose a niche because you feel your products or services can help many different types of people. 

3. Finally want to feel secure in finding the niche that's uniquely fit for you so that you can finally move on to the next phase in your business. 



Your niche is your business compass. It points you in the direction you need to go. 

And it's also the first step to having an actual business and brand

Whether you're a side hustler that's just starting out or someone who's been trying to pull it together for the last 2+ years - THIS STEP IS ESSENTIAL. 

And like I've learned from experience... won't go anywhere if you're not sure where you're trying to go. 



Are you worried about devoting time to "yet another" free course?

Well that's why this course is only 3 days. 

Not only that, you'll only need about 15 minutes a day to complete it. 

That's a total of 45 minutes.

Worst case 90 minutes,

I'm sure you've spend more time deciding what to post to your Instagram feed (#guilty).

Plus there's also an audio version of each lesson in case you prefer learning and listening on the go!

Also includes a Text Fillable Course Workbook so you can keep everything in one place:

(aka that hustle folder on your computer...)

This course is going to require you to put on your thinking cap - no one ever said that running a business was easy (no one credible anyway).

This is why we split the heavy thinking over 3 days for just a few minutes a day - coupled with a formula that I like to call "The Three I's". 

It's time to put on your hustling cap: 

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