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Hi, I'm Yuri. 

digital product guru. side hustler. flight attendant. 

and I'm here to help you build a side hustle that means business. 

my message

create a side hustle that means business

You feel the pressure to set yourself apart from others but don’t know the direction you should take or what your first steps should be. 

You feel overwhelmed and have little money and even less time to make what you want a reality. 

I help solve two big issues - lack of direction and the pressure to do things right as soon as possible.

It took me almost 3 years to get clear on the brand I wanted to create and the business I wanted to build. And I know if I had clarity from the beginning I would be so much, soooooo much, further than I am now. 

I use the lessons I learned to hard way to encourage you to stop wasting your time and energy by getting clear now.

my people

got big dreams, but little means?

If you dream about having a side hustle that turns into your full time gig, fueled by the things you enjoy...

If you realize that in order to do so there have to be some big changes that require a lot of "heart & hustle"...

If you worry about spending money on your business because you're not really making any to begin with...

If you feel pressured to DIY everything yourself and still be able to "pull it off", even when you're just starting out...

If you know that having a "brand" is essential to be taken seriously, but aren't quite clear on what a brand fully is or how to create one...

If you are still determined to keep at it, learn to focus, and not give up...

Then I'm talking to you.

You are the ones with big dreams and little means that are serious about making your business dreams a reality, and are you who I want to work with.


my story
designer, turned teacher, turned flight attendant, turned side hustler

Here's the current chapter of my story. My name is Yuri Gibson and I just moved back after living abroad for 3 years teaching English. While abroad in South Korea, I also taught others how to find their brand and use it to build their own small business.

I have a degree in Interior Design with a minor in Architecture from one of the top design schools in the States, SCAD. And, like many millennials, I am currently am not using it at all *insert laughing crying face emoji here*.

But after years of trial and error I've gained clarity and focus, and work to do the same for others. So now I help newbie & aspiring side hustlers that lack time, money, clarity, & step by step direction. I offer services and create resources that help alleviate their overwhelm when it comes to creating an authentic & unique side hustle. And I love it :)

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