7 More Opt-In Ideas For Email Mailing List Growth

Whether you call them email opt-ins, lead magnets or content upgrades, I have quite the variety of these resources available on my website.

Interest opt-ins are my favorite way to grow my mailing list on auto-pilot. And, since I specialize in creating digital products, they are also extremely fun for me to develop and create.

In my last post I listed 10 types of content upgrades (including examples of the resources that I use every day to grow my email list) and today I’m coming at you with 7 more.

Ready to dive in?

Thought so, let’s get started…

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The Top 10 Email Opt-in Ideas to Grow Your Mailing List

There is one method I use to continually grow my email mailing list on autopilot every single day.

I affectionately like to call them Interest Email Opt-ins, as they help build interest in my brand and start by engaging the interest of a potential reader. These Interest Email Opt-ins are free resources I create in order to supplement the content I produce on this site and on my YouTube channel. They also serve as the gateway to my email list...

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The REAL Reason You Need an Email Mailing List

One day, while talking to a friend over coffee, I was trying to explain the significance of having an email list. She was considering starting a side hustle and I wanted to get across the main systems needed to create one in today’s competitive (and seemingly oversaturated) online world.

So I explained the importance of creating an affordable intro product.

She got that concept right away.

Next, I talked about setting up a segue service that both provides value and a more dynamic pricing model.

Nailed that explanation (if I do say so myself).

I then began to discuss the importance of setting up an email list and how to build one using content upgrades and opt-in freebies.

Crickets. Blank stare. *Looks to side and inhales breath*

Then she began to ask...

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7 Essential And Affordable Investments For Your Side Hustle

If you told me four years ago I'd need to spend money in order to make money, I'd have found every reason possible to dispute you.

After all, that was the online dream being sold: "Start a business with no overhead"!

Plus I'm resourceful. I can make a dollar stretch.

And I was starting a side business to help me earn more money, not spend it.

But for years I switched from free tool to free tool, trying to piece together workflows that I saw working well for others that paid to put those systems in place.

And you know what happened?

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