7 Reasons Squarespace Is The Best Tool For Your Business

A website is the homebase of your business, so I recommend investing in a platform that can grow with you and your brand's vision right from the beginning.

And when I say invest I'm talking more than just your money.

I'm talking your time as well.

If you're going to spend your money, time, and energy into making an authentic beautiful site, do so with a program that can grow with you that you’re also capable of managing yourself.

To do this, there is only one program that I recommend - Squarespace.

Squarespace is a tool that not only allows you to host and create a website, but also allows you to design a website as well. 

And if you think I’m biased because this is my first website rodeo or something, allow me to put this all into perspective...

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41 Reasons InDesign is the Best Design Tool for Your Business

You know the expression ‘Everything but the kitchen sink’?

Well today we're talking about the Business Tool that you can not only use to design all your branding, social media graphics, and business collateral, but also make your PDF printables, eBooks, checklists, and digital goods.

What is it?

Read on to find out...

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The 2 Essential Components that Make or Break Your Brand

So you just decided to start a business. Your side hustle.

Your own little piece of the entrepreneurial pie. 

You get all excited about the possibilities.

I could design website templates for people on a budget!

I could create travel guides and videos for top destinations around the world! eek!

I could create meal plans for those on a fitness journey!

Then you start thinking about the details. 

I need a website. 

I need a logo. 

I need brand colors. 

I need a brand. 

Then the overwhelm sets in....

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The Most Crucial Step When You Start a Side Hustle...

Today I'm starting a new series called #StartSmallStartSmart inspired by the mini lessons I seem apt to write on Instagram. 

Today's lesson was inspired by a podcast I recently heard by Ms. Myleik Teele (founder of Curl Box).

Read on to find out the most crucial step when starting a side hustle...

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