Hey there, I'm Yuri. 

A Designer, Expat, & Traveler. 

I'm a side hustler all about online business branding, living light and on a budget.


The good, the bad, & the ugly.

Well, not so ugly - I'm a designer after all...


Branding on a Side Hustle Budget

I love all things visual branding. In fact that's what I excelled at in design school and it's something I teach on this very site. I'm a designer, but I assume if you're here you're probably not. So my aim is to help you DIY your business brand on a side hustler's budget - aka - this site is for those who can't afford to hire their own designer*.


Pursuit of a Simpler Lifestyle

I know, easier said than done. That's why as I explore solutions & ways to earn a living while still enjoying flexibility, I'll share what I'm currently figuring out. After all, as side hustlers our lifestyles are very closely related to our little businesses - especially in their beginning stages - so I believe it's important that we talk about that side of the hustle too. 



Yes I know Travelpreneuring is technically not a word, but you get the idea right? For those of us drawn to the lure of creating a business that can travel with us, digital "nomading" (there I go again), & location independence: I'll share what I discover about gadgets, products, workflows, and more that enhance being flexible while working on the go. 



Let's lay some ground rules, shall we?


A Post or Video Every Second/Hour/Day

I'm a Side Hustler. Emphasis on the word side. As an expat & traveler I want to live in the moment whenever I can and enjoy my life:) Generally I tend to post detailed 'articles' a few times a month & you can sign up here to get notified when I do.


Copy/Wording that Makes You Feel Small  

Cuz ain't nobody got time for that (wait did I just break my own rule?)! Plus we're all navigating this online business world and exploring this ever growing global society together. #peacesign #rainbows #kumbaya #smileyface


A Unicorn with a Yellow & Mint Green Mane

Because I've never seen one. But, if I did - you'd be the first to know. Plus it would totally go with my branding so pictures would be posted all up on my site... On second thought maybe you're lucky this doesn't exist...

Now allow me to (officially) introduce myself

Come on, you know you're a little curious now...

My name is Yuri Gibson and I'm currently living abroad teaching English in South Korea while also teaching others how to find their brand and use it to build their own small business - aka my Side Hustle

I have a degree in Interior Design with a minor in Architecture from one of the top design schools in the States, SCAD.

And like many, I’m trying to find avenues and additional income streams that can lead to a more flexible lifestyle. 

I'm all about living what I call The Simple Celebrated Life and for me that means:

  1. living small(er) with my possessions by whittling them down to my personal essentials
  2. living big(ger) with my experiences by traveling and exploring uncommon possibilities
  3. living my dreams NOW, instead of waiting until retirement! 

If any of this sounds intriguing to you I encourage you to hang out here with me more.

Are you a fellow (or aspiring) Side Hustler?

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*FUN FACT* all photography for this site was shot in my current country of residence, South Korea, by an amazing Australian photographer