Do This Before You Create Your Logo.

Do This Before You Design Your Website.

Do This Before You Create a Social Media Graphic. 

Do This Before You Brand Anything. PERIOD.

Because THIS is what separates your business from that "have-it-all' solopreneur that gives you brand envy:

A clear business vision & an authentic brand concept.

And that's where I come in...

From Business to Brand Clarity Coaching

Is a 2 month long intensive coaching program for those serious about creating a brand that means business. 

It's based around my 6 "i" formula that takes you from the essentials needed to have a real business to the clear concept  needed to create a lasting brand.

During each call we focus on a different aspect of your brand to ensure you're creating a business you actually want to maintain and are able to sustain: from discovering the problem your business actually solves & figuring out the best way to solve it, to determining the best colors and visuals for your brand & crafting a unique brand concepts that rings true to you. 

It features a total of 8 one-on-one calls that occur weekly over 2 months (8 weeks) and by the end of our time together you'll have a personal Assessment of the Best Tools to Run Your Business, a Done-for-You Brand Mood Board, and a Visual Brand 30 Day Plan to help you solidify your visual brand. 

By The End Of Our Journey Together You'll:

  • Have a clear vision of the problem your business really solves & know the best services & products you need to effectively solve that problem (that your ideal peeps are actually willing to pay for).
  • Know the best tools needed for you to operate the kind of business that your clients and customers need. 
  • Figure how your unique combination of strengths, skills & experiences set you apart from others & how to highlight that. 
  • Develop a brand concept statement and figure out the best colors, visual elements, & imagery best represent your brand. 
  • Receive a brand mood board to serve as the visual compass for you to go forth and bran your business. 
  • Learn how to bring your visual brand to life in the 30 days following our time together through a detailed Visual Brand 30 Day Plan.

Words From Those Who've Worked With Me:

First off, I am beyond grateful for Yuri's services. She is a literal genius when it comes to branding. She helps you dig deep to truly see the real potential of your business. I loved working with her because she is PASSIONATE about her craft! EXTREMELY involved in the process. She gets so excited guiding you and helping you see new opportunities for your business. If you're feeling unsure about where to start, stop drop and sign up for her program! You will be amazed! She puts in just as much work as you will be during the building phase!!! Please get your business Yurified!!! You won't regret it! My mind has been opened to so many possibilities and she has a way of getting you even more excited to invest time in your craft as well! Plus she is a wonderful person inside and out! A true gem.

T - Melissa from The Wellness Wolf.png

Melissa from
The Wellness Wolf


Here's What We'll Cover:

Work With Me Services of Yuri Gibson of - Website Walkthrough Power Hour


Week One

We get clear on the real problem that you solve, determine who you solve it for, & figure out the pain points you need to address.

Week Two

Here we flesh out what it is you truly want to be known for as well as determine what it is you really excel at & shoudl focus on. 


Week Three

We figure out the unique combination of your personal strengths, interests, & experiences that will truly set you apart from others.


Week Four

We discuss what services/products may be best for you to start with & go over my suggested assessment of the best tools to run your business



Week Five

Based off the previous months work, I help you develop a brand concept statement with which to build your visual brand off of. 


Week Seven

Based off your homework from the previous session, I create a brand mood board for you to use as you start to enhance your visual brand. 

Week Six

We use the brand concept statement as a sounding board to figure out your ideal brand colors & the best visual imagery to represent your brand. 


Week Eight

During our last session I answer any lingering questions & we go over my detailed Visual Brand 30 Day Plan for you to bring your brand to life. 


Here's What You'll Get:


Personal Assessment of the Best Tools to Run Your Business


Done-for-You Brand Mood Board to Jumpstart Your Journey


30 Day Brand Implantation Plan to Kickstart Your Visual Brand

What Past Design Clients Have To Say:

I thought the service I received was great - very thorough and professional. If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with her or not, I'd say absolutely! Do it!

Bola from Clever Girl Finance

T - Melodie from The Style Klazit.png

She understood what I wanted even though I couldn’t really tell her what I wanted. The advice she gave on how to help me see my vision was great. And the service was professional and fun. 

Melodie from The Style Klazit

Your Investment:


8 Hours of Live 1:1 Support

Assessment of the Best Tools to Run Your Business (received during week 4)

Your Done-for-You Brand Mood Board (received during week 7)

Your Visual Brand 30 Day Plan (received during week 8)

A Video Recording of Our Calls For Your Records

Live Q&A & Personalized Feedback

Here's What To Expect Next:

First, click the button below to fill out a brief questionnaire to get started.

Next you'll be directed to a scheduling page to put our first meeting on the calendar!

Then you'll receive 3 emails: A welcome email with the program deets, a coaching contract for you to sign, & your coaching program invoice. 

Once the the contract is signed & a 50% invoice deposit is received, it's official! We'll be working together and I cant wait, so sign up now!

(And don't worry, you have 30 days to complete the rest of your payment - 25% due in 15 days, and the remaining balance of 25% is due 5 days after that)

Here's What To Do NOW:

Just click the button below fill out the form & get started: