Helping Hand Program

The Helping Hand Program

The Helping Hand Program was created because a growing number of clients wanted to pick my brain even further on more specific topics and questions.

And to thank you for continuing to work with me (because I love working with you :), and for also recommending me to others I wanted to do something special...  


Because you're helping spread the word about what I do here, each time you refer a new client that books with me, you'll get 50% OFF a future Power Hour Session of your choice!

So if you refer 2 new clients to me, you'll actually get a full session at no cost to you, and so on. The amount of new clients you can refer and rewards you can receive has no limit - as I really want to thank you for your support. 

To Participate:

You only need to ensure that whoever you refer states your First & Last Name in the Referred By box on the intake form when they sign up to schedule their sessions. I will later contact you with an email on how to redeem your next Power Hour Session for 50% off!

Power Hour Services You Can Redeem:

Tech Tutorials


Learn how to use and integrate the best tools in the online business world. Here I share my screen with you and show you how it all comes together and answer any questions you may have live. 

Brand Clarity Calls


Schedule additional Brand Clarity Calls to talk about more specifics in your business, such as detailing the programs and services you offer, new projects you're thinking of launching, and more!

Website Walkthroughs


Book a Website Walkthrough Session to discuss your overall website or to go through specific pages on your site such as your home/start here page, your about page, your sales pages and more!

A Special Opportunity:

And if you refer a new client to my signature program, From Business To Brand, you will get any Power Hour Session of your choice at not cost to you!


Please email me at if you have any questions.