Helping Hand Program

The Helping Hand Affiliate Program

The Helping Hand Affiliate Program is an awesome opportunity to earn passive income. 

This program is currently set up for sales of The DIY Side Hustle Starter Guide. You'll receive a 40% commission for every book you sale you through your special link!

How to get your affiliate account set up:

  1. Click this link to set up your account with SendOwl. 
  2. Create a free account by proving a username and creating a password [your username should be an email address that's registered to your (business) PayPal account]
  3. Copy and paste your own unique affiliate link! Don't forget to also save it somewhere safe for your records. 

To get credit for you sales you MUST use the special link provided by SendOwl and the purchaser must have cookies enabled on their browser (which most do).

How and when you'll get paid:

When someone clicks your unique link and makes a purchase you'll get an email notification from SendOwl. The cookie for that link click is valid for up to one week! 

Once a month I pay you through the PayPal account that's connected to the email address that you provided. 

Payouts occur on the 10th of each month, or the next business day (if the 10th falls on a weekend).

You'll get paid for the previous month, not the current. So if you made sales during the month of June, you'll get that payout on July 10th. 

And please keep in mind payouts may take a few days to process in your account. 


Some ideas on how to promote the book: 

  • write an honest review of the book on your blog, record a YouTube video, or record a podcast
  • link to the book using your special link on relevant blog posts, both new and old
  • share images on Pinterest with your special link using the graphics I provided below
  • share on social media on platforms like facebook and twitter, appropriately
  • send an email to your list about your key takeaways or how it's help your business, if it fits naturally with the content you already share


*When sharing, don't forget to mention you're using an affiliate link when appropriate. It's important to be honest with your community. 

*And please don't spam. It's not a good look. Trust me. If you really enjoyed the book and it helped you, sharing and talking about it should come naturally. Be authentic, genuine, and don't force it. 

Promotional Graphics

Just click on the images to get images that you can download.
If you pin them, don't forget to replace it with your special link!


Suggested copy you can use when you pin these to Pinterest:

  • The DIY Side Hustle Starter Guide: 60 Days to Creating a Side Hustle that means Business | from Yuri Gibson of
  • Do you want to run your own small business? Well first you need to learn how to start a side business. Check out The DIY Side Hustle Starter Guide: 60 Days to Creating a Side Hustle that means Business | from Yuri Gibson of

Thanks so much for sharing my book and becoming apart of the Helping Hands Affiliate Program!

It's good to have you aboard :)