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The Power Hour Sessions

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1:1 Brand Clarity Call

A one-on-one video call where we talk about your niche, clarify the problem your business solves, and get clear on the direction you want your brand to go - all in one power hour session.


Work With Me Services of Yuri Gibson of viaYuri.com - Biz Tech Tutorial Power Hours

 Website Walk-through

An one-on-one website walkthrough review via screenshare designed to help you get clear on your brand message + tips to make sure you're communicating that message site wide.


Work With Me Services of Yuri Gibson of viaYuri.com - Website Walkthrough Power Hour

1:1 Tech Tutorials

A one-on-one video tech tutorial with the program of your choice. You know, the one you need but haven't been able to take the time to learn (Squarespace, ConvertKit, Adobe InDesign or Illustrator )