How I Handle Organization + Storage



Asana is how I organize my thoughts and my life! And best of all I can do this all with the FREE VERSION! You create 'projects' and can view them as list items or as boards (I typically use the boards feature). Within each project I have a board. Within each board I have several tasks. Within most tasks I have subtasks that I can check off when completed (with a due date if needed). Before I used Asana my thoughts were spread through my iPhone Notes app. Now it's all organized in one place :)

G Suite

G Suite is how I set up my professional email address [] and how I store all of my content, resources, and branding elements for my business. I have 8 main folders and within each of those have numerous sub folders. I cannot recommend this enough because I have access when I need it and also have everything in one place (because my laptop storage builds up fast...).

I'm currently on the 100 GB plan and here's a referral code to get 20% off your first year [DCMYYJV9NJPEJFN].