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Additional Resources

In addition to this free course, there are some other resources to help you make this most of InDesign. 

In this Additional Resources Section I'll Cover:

  1. InDesign Templates
    (both free & available for purchase)
  2. Free InDesign Shortcut Cheatsheet + Guide
  3. Tools for Delivering & Showcasing InDesign PDF's

1. InDesign Templates

Click the image to enter your name and email to have the templates sent directly to you inbox. 


If you want a place to start as you follow along in this course check out my InDesign Digital Product Template Pack (check your inbox for the promo code to get $7 off!).

It includes 2 different design styles, 20+ customizable pages, and 4 info product mockup options.


for only $19


2. Free InDesign Shortcut Cheatsheet + Uses for InDesign Guide


Free InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet

A cheatsheet of my favorite keyboard Mac & PC shortcuts to that help me to work fast and efficiently in InDesign. 

41 InDesign is the Best Design Tool for Business

A blog post that list 41 reasons (aka 41 uses) for InDesign that features examples you can check out for yourself. 


Also continue stay up to date with for more blog posts on InDesign, Branding, Info Products, and Side Hustling.


3. Tools for Delivering & Showcasing Your InDesign PDF's

For Delivering Free Email Opt-ins, Content Upgrades, Printables, Freebies & Lead Magnets

MailerLite* - This is the email platform I use to deliver all my free email opt-ins and content upgrades. It is the workhorse behind my business.

I use to create multiple opt-in forms for all of the free resources that I create on my site and clickable buttons on my site that open as "lead boxes". I also use it create a few of my free courses, to stay in contact with the Inside My Hustle Crew (my monthly newsletter), and to create 'focus funnels' which allow me to earn passive income in my side hustle.


For Delivering Digital Products Available for Purchase

SendOwl* - I use SendOwl to deliver and host my digital products that I create with InDesign (like templates, workbooks, and guides). It starts at $9 a month and connects to my email platform (MailerLite), so that when someone purchases a product they are automatically added to my email list!

If you're making an Info Product that you want to sell, then you need a way to sell it. And with SendOwl it's easy to create links or also use simple code to create clickable 'buy now' buttons that you can add to your website.


For Showcasing & Promoting Your InDesign Products & Freebies

Pinterest - This is how I 'market' my email opt and digital products for free. On Pinterest I share helpful and detailed blog posts or podcasts that also feature a resource that's related to that topic. I also share images with direct links to my free email opt-in products as well.

And, depending on the opt-in (that I, of course, create using InDesign), once someone is on my email list they are added to an email focus funnel that's geared towards the topic of their interest. And if I have a product that's related, I share it through email to - which also helps generate passive income :)

(*means that's an affiliate link for 2 products that I use and highly, highly recommend. Couldn't run my side hustle without them :)

Now let's dive in and learn some InDesign!