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Free InDesign Course - InDesign for InfoProducts | Learn How To Create & Design Your Own Digital Products, Digital Downloads, Email Opt-In Freebies, PDF Checklists, Workbooks, & more using Adobe InDesign.

In this free course you'll learn the basics of InDesign that will allow you to create clickable checklists, fillable workbooks, and informative guides.

In this Getting Stared Section I'll Cover:

  1. Why You NEED InDesign
    (And This Free Course)

  2. What You Need To Get Started

  3. Things I've Created With InDesign

1. Why You Need InDesign
(and this free course)

InDesign will be the most versatile design tool for your business, especially if you plan to make digital products for your side hustle or may even want to design your brand visuals (like simple logos, social media graphics, and promotional images). 

I currently use InDesign to create ebooks, interactive checklists & guides, course workbooks, blog post images, social media graphics (for Pinterest, Facebook, & Instagram) and more for myself and for clients.

You see, the possibilities with this program are endless but to keep things short and sweet I'll list 35+ of them now:

  • Lead Magnets/Content Upgrades

  • Checklists

  • Handouts/Worksheets

  • Workbooks

  • Printables

  • Resource Guides

  • Published Books

  • eBooks

  • Interactive eBooks

  • Products

  • Professional Magazines

  • Calendars

  • Planners

  • Portfolios

  • Blog Post/Pinterest Templates

  • Social Media Templates

  • Simple Logos for the non-designer

  • Website Banners & Headers

  • Website Icons

  • Category Buttons

  • YouTube Thumbnails

  • Mockups & Layouts

  • Social Media Icons (with the help of font awesome)

  • Letterheads

  • Editable Documents

  • Product Labels

  • Retail Tags

  • Business Cards

  • Client Welcome Packets

  • Proposals & Contracts

  • Presentation Boards

  • Resumes

  • Thank You Notes

  • Envelopes

  • Inspirational Boards

  • Faux Cropping Images (my fav hack)

  • Posters

  • Flyers

  • Pamphlets & Brochures


2. What You Need to Get Started:

1. A computer

Pretty self explanatory, so we'll leave it at that :)

2. InDesign

You can sign up for a free 30 day trial, or pay for a monthly subscription. If you plan on only creating your documents once, then the 30 day trial may be okay for you. However, if you plan on creating a digital product empire and designing social media graphics, blog images, and more I recommend getting the $19.95 monthly subscription. Sign up for InDesign here. 

3. Templates (optional)

This is optional, but you can use templates to get you started. I have some templates you can use  and customize to make your own (and if you check your email you should've receive a promo code  for $7 off!).


The InDesign InfoPreneur Template Pack

25+ indesign templates for online business



3. Things I've Created Using InDesign:

The  Side Hustle Quickstart Guide 

A free resource that features clickable  links to outside resources within the guide itself. 


The Travel Checklist & Planner 

It's a checklist with clickable interactive check boxes and fillable text boxes to save important travel info and dates.


The Earn More, Spend Less, Live Better Planner 

It has completely fillable text boxes that you can type directly into on your computer that you can 'tabbed' through for easy navigating.


Pinterest, Blog Post, & Promotional Graphics  

That sometimes feature my content upgrade mockups that I created in InDesign using an iPad images.