The Power Hour Sessions

1:1 Brand Clarity Call

An hour long one-on-one video call where we talk about your niche, clarify the problem your business solves, and get clear on the direction you want your brand to go - all in one power hour session.  This package is for you if you just need a quick but intense mastermind to make sure you're on the right track (or to help find the track for you). You'll also get live Q&A and feedback as well as a video recording of our session for you to refer back to as often as you'd like.  

1:1 Tech Tutorial Power Hours

A one-on-one video tech tutorial with the program of your choice. You know, the one you need but haven't been able to take the time to learn. I'll teach you how to use Squarespace, InDesignIllustrator, Canva, or ConvertKit + you choose the number of sessions! It also includes live Q&A + tool tips. You'll also get the video recording of our session(s).

 Website Walkthrough Power Hour

An hour long one-on-one screenshare website walkthrough review designed to help you get clear on your brand message + tips to make sure you're communicating that message site wide. It also comes with personalized branding feedback & suggestions for creating a site that fits your needs. You'll also get a video recording of our session for you to keep.  

Clarity Coaching

From Business to Brand Clarity Coaching

Want to create a brand that means business? Yeah, I thought so and this is the program for you. It's a 2 month long intensive 1:1 coaching program that's based around my 6 "i" formula for finding your brand to build your business. It features 8 one-on-one calls that occur over 2 months. In each call we focus on a different aspect of your brand to ensure you're creating a business you actually want to maintain and are able to sustain.