How to Pack Efficiently: Packing Tips for Moving Abroad Part 2


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Hey everyone, I'm back with my follow up video in the series. I'm sure you remember my lost catch scenario from the previous post, but If not allow me to catch you up. I posted this series of videos over a year ago at the request of others like me who were about to move to South Korea.

I forgot I made the videos until a month or two ago when I got an email from a company thanking me for speaking highly of their products. I then went back to check these videos and saw that combined they have over 2200 views on YouTube! This was all without any promotion and with me mentioning them to only a handful of people. I also had not posted any videos since then as well (though that's soon gonna change). So though the numbers are small, I am quite impressed. 

What does this have to do with lost catches? Well I compare this effect to something good that you didn't know you had until it was too late (when he's married with children and a goldendoodle).  The only difference is that I now have the chance to act upon this potentially lost opportunity and I plan to do just that by making more videos. 

In the meantime I thought I'd share part 2 of this packing efficiently series. In this video I show how I packed my bags by putting my 10 previous tips to use (aka you see exactly how I pack my bags). It's kind of a play on the "what's in bag" tag, only I packed away my entire life as I was moving overseas (and I'm still living overseas as of writing this).

For a year abroad in South Korea, which has 4 seasons with a very cold winter, I brought everything I needed in 2 checked bags, 1 carry on bag, and 1 personal item. This includes winter gear and a good amount of clothing and shoes. I also talk about some very useful tech gadgets in the end as well which I'm sure you'll find pretty handy (hint hint Mac users). So sit back, relax and enjoy part deux. 



Here are links to some of the products mentioned in the video:

PACKING CUBES | Flight001 Spacepak Packing Cubes (I loooooovvvveee these bags - I think I've fit more than 16 items in the clothes bag alone!)

QUART SIZE BAG | Flight001 Quart Size Bag (what I use to get through TSA)

MY PERSONAL CARRY ON ITEM | Lo & Sons OMG Bag (This is the bag I use as my personal item, I have the one in army green. Make sure to sign up for their email newsletter as they have lots of amazing sales!!! 

PROTECT YOUR ELECTRONIC GOODS | The Plug Bug World is what I use to power my Mac, my most valuable business asset. I choose to get this as opposed to an adapter because it is made specifically to convert MacBooks so I won't have to worry about any possible voltage shortages or what have you. You can check it out here

PACKABLE JACKET | If you're traveling long term and to colder climates I highly recommend taking a packable jacket (meaning one that can be rolled up into its own pocket). You'll still need more protection or extreme cold, but I use mine as a liner for my winter jackets, in planes when it gets cold, and as a pillow. #win Below is similar to what I use (as in the same brand and same name, just a slightly different look).

For all the Ladies: Northface ThermoBall Jacket 

And for all the Men: Northface ThermoBall Jacket


FREE MOVING ABROAD CHECKLIST | This wasn't mentioned in the video but this is a free customizable packing checklist & planner that can suit a variety of expat needs (if I do say so myself... since I made it). You can click the button below, enter your email and I'll send you your very own. 

Also here's a link to part 1 (to read up about my top 10 tips for efficient packing, oh and my "lost catch").


Write in the comments below how many bags you tend to take on a 1 week vacation. There's no shame here, I'm just curious and an admitted over packer (I tried to get in on the minimalist packing club but my application got denied - tee hee:)

I really hope that this video was useful and that you discovered some resources you may not have been aware of. Until the next time...





p.s. - Check Out Part 1 of the Moving Abroad Series Here



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