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41 Reasons InDesign is the Best Design Tool for Your Business

You know the expression ‘Everything but the kitchen sink’?

Well today we're talking about the Business Tool that you can not only use to design all your branding, social media graphics, and business collateral, but also make your PDF printables, eBooks, checklists, and digital goods.

What is it?

Read on to find out...

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The Only 4 Tools You Need to Run Your Side Hustle

You know what phrase I really hate?

It’s complicated.

Whether you’re talking about a relationship, “but what do you mean you’re not ready for a relationship?”It’s complicated.

Or trying to figure out how to run a business “But how can a CTA help with the know, like & trust factor plus get you your ROI?”

It’s complicated.

Actually that one just sounds complicated.

And what I hate even more is that I’ve found myself using the very phrase that I hate.

So while sipping my evening tea (okay wine) I thought, are some things truly meant to be complicated?

And if so, does business have to be one of them...

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13 Reasons You Should Start a Side Hustle (Especially if You're in Debt)

So I’m willing to bet that if you’re reading this you carry some form of debt.

Whether that be credit cards, a car note, or immense student debt like myself - some form of debt is hanging over your head and you want a way to to take hold of it and put it in it’s place (i.e. a place that is no longer funded by your bank account).

But debt isn’t something that goes away over night. Instead it is something that we have to make a conscious effort to master and get rid of. And that usually requires time. Lot’s and lot's of time. Years. Decades. Or even half a century (like it can seem or even truly be sometimes).

But what if you could maximize on the time that you already have...

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How to Actually Use a Side Hustle to Pay Off Debt

Let’s just state the obvious. A side hustle can help you pay down your debt. The extra money that you earn from it can go towards interest or the principal balance of any loan or credit card bill that you may have.

Boring and obvious stuff out of the way, let’s move on to what’s really important. The plan and the method. You need a plan and a method for paying down your debt. The plan revolves around the restrictions that you face + the amount of monthly money that you can put towards your debt - aka the money that actually belongs to you (you’ll see what I mean by this a little later).

And you need to be aware of any restrictions (like taxes and business expenses) in order to formulate a proper plan. The method is about the technique used to pay down debt as well as how you keep you on track and motivated. So as implied from the title of this post I’m going to discuss the actual “how to”.  

Not fluff, but actionable steps and figures that can help you have hope about overcoming your debt.

But first a story...

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