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7 Essential And Affordable Investments For Your Side Hustle

If you told me four years ago I'd need to spend money in order to make money, I'd have found every reason possible to dispute you.

After all, that was the online dream being sold: "Start a business with no overhead"!

Plus I'm resourceful. I can make a dollar stretch.

And I was starting a side business to help me earn more money, not spend it.

But for years I switched from free tool to free tool, trying to piece together workflows that I saw working well for others that paid to put those systems in place.

And you know what happened?

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Why I Switched From ConvertKit to MailerLite

When I first began my side hustle journey I was eager to learn all there was to know. One thing that continually popped up was the need for an email provider.

An email provider is essential for building an online business because it allows your to do three key things.

It’s a system, that once set up, can help your side hustle run itself. Ever since I’ve been on a search for a tool that could take the best features of the most popular programs and combine them all into one...

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The Only 4 Tools You Need to Run Your Side Hustle

You know what phrase I really hate?

It’s complicated.

Whether you’re talking about a relationship, “but what do you mean you’re not ready for a relationship?”It’s complicated.

Or trying to figure out how to run a business “But how can a CTA help with the know, like & trust factor plus get you your ROI?”

It’s complicated.

Actually that one just sounds complicated.

And what I hate even more is that I’ve found myself using the very phrase that I hate.

So while sipping my evening tea (okay wine) I thought, are some things truly meant to be complicated?

And if so, does business have to be one of them...

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