How To Pack & Plan With Ease: The Travel Checklist & Planner

Learn How To Plan & Pack with Ease for any vacation, weekend getaway, or special trip + Get t he FREE TRAVEL CHECKLIST & PLANNER & get out the brief video!


So it's the night before your big trip. You're in a slight panic running around the house looking for your favorite shirt or making a "quick" trip to the travel-sized aisle in Target (quick, haha - laughable). You're traveling to 'insert your destination of choice here' tomorrow and you want to make sure you're not forgetting anything... like you did the last time. How did I forget my toothbrush!? And the time before that. Where's my phone charger!!!??? 

Well you've been looking forward to this trip for a while now and you're not going to let forgetting a few items hold you back from enjoying your well earned spot on the beach. So you purchase a toothbrush at the airport for about the price of a sandwich and a charger there as well for about double the price it would normally cost. That's about $50 bucks that you could've spent on more souvenirs, a nicer dinner experience, or upgrading your package at the spa, but c'est la vie. Right?

Well there is my friend an obvious way to avoid this. Well two ways to avoid this. The first is to keep travel toiletry bags packed at all times so you don't forget your toothbrush and aren't constantly buying travel sized products that you never seem to use up. The second is to have a detailed travel/packing checklist that's customized to fit your (and your family's) needs. 


As I'm sure you've guessed, today I'm here to help you with option numero dos (let me know in the comments if you want me to talk more about pre-packed travel essentials). You can watch the video above then get more details on how to use it below: 

What's Sooooo Special About this Free Travel Checklist?

Not trying to brag (but I guess when someone says that they essentially really are) but this is the ultimate Travel and Packing Checklist. This will help you pack for any vacation including a beach, cruise, ski trip, road trip, weekend getaway, international travel, and more. It's the organized, customized, itemized, specialized, simplified, thorough-ized so you can relax kind of planner (tehe^^). And it's free!


What Makes It "Customized" and "Specialized"?

Well I'm happy you asked. You can type directly into this planner or check off the items that you have  - right on your computer with no printing required! You can also add items that are specific to you so that you never forget them. Ever again. 

Plus you can keep track of your travel details such as your flight info, lodging and accommodations, transportation notes, and even the weather ALL IN ONE PLACE. Then, before you leave for your destination, you can save it as a PDF and keep it handy on your phone so when you travel back you can ensure you don't forget anything as well.

Simply save as a new PDF for each trip so that you can reuse it time and time again. Want to see how it works in action? Check out the brief video here

How To Pack & Plan With Ease


If you're a stickler like I am and you want to know exactly what items you're toting along with you or if you like planning what you're wearing a week in advance, then you're going to like the first feature. Under the clothing section you can record (either type directly into the planner or print out to write on the lines) every piece of clothing that you plan on bringing. What's the point of planning that much? Well for starters...

  1. RETURN CHECKLIST |  You can use it as a return checklist, meaning when you're traveling back home you can make sure you don't forget an item left to dry out on the balcony. 
  2. LIVING LIGHT |  If you're trying to get into minimalism and living light you can write down everything that you think you need and see how those items can work together to create a full travel wardrobe. Then you can decide not to bring the pieces that you can't use at least twice. It's easier to plan and visualize when you write things down. 
  3. FAMILY AFFAIR |  If you're traveling with a family you can make sure you're not forgetting anything of the kids by forcing yourself to take the (short) time and plan things out. Record all the things you need for your family as well as yourself. The less you have to worry about the better. Plus the less you have to worry about the more you can enjoy yourself.
  4. AVOID FEES |  You can plan ahead and save baggage fees by NOT overpacking and ensure you are only bringing what you need and intend to use (generally heavy bag fees start at 51 lbs. bags for domestic travel in the states and it gets pricey - especially for international travel $$$) . What if's generally don't happen and it will literally just weigh you down. 


Toiletries are my favorite part of packing. And yes, I'm a part of the club that loves to pack but hates to unpack. To make things simpler and because living in Korea I take weekend trips often, I keep an essential toiletry bag packed at all times. That's right. All times.

To save money and to avoid experimenting with new products that aren't a.)natural - which I strive to use and b.)my usual brand of choice, I use refillable travel sized tubes for my basic items. The brand I love and trust is called GoToob's (you can check out what I use here.) Again if you want me to talk more about this in another post, or perhaps a video let me know in the comments down below:)

With toiletries I also include makeup (sorry dudes), so in the checklist I list every possible thing that a makeup guru could ever need. And if I missed something, there are even spots where you can type and add your own personal essentials. I don't bring all of these items with me when I travel, but the next time I move to another country or possibly another city here in Korea, I'll be sure to use the checklist for that as well. 


In today's day and age we can't go anywhere without our tech, myself included. So of course I had to include a list of the essentials: phone + charger, laptop + charger, camera, eReaders, etc. There's even a spot for you to add an additional item in case your tech game is bigger than mine - which it probably is. I'm usually cool with just my phone, headphones, international charger, and maybe my iPad depending on the length of the trip. 


These include things such as your glasses, contacts + contact solution (sooo expensive to buy while traveling), medication,  journal, book, and can even include trip specific items such as beach towels or ski and snowboarding equipment. And once again, there are two additional spots so that you can customize to your liking. You're welcome (love this funny video, every time I say 'you're welcome' this is what comes to mind. You're welcome:)


Last but not least is the trip info section of the checklist. Hey, I said it was thorough-ized! Again you can record all of your travel details such as your flight info, lodging/accommodations, transportation notes, and the weather all in one place. Plus on the right hand side I include my Top Ten Travel Tips for Efficient Packing with a brief guide on the aforementioned tips on the next page. 




You can get The Free Travel Checklist & Planner sent directly to your inbox by clicking here and don't forget to keep the completed checklist on your phone or iPad/eReader so you have all of the information you need in one handy dandy place.

You can also reuse this time and time again by saving a new version for each trip so that you can check off items as you pack them! 

I hope you find the planner helpful. It's comprehensive plus it can also save you paper! #win. Who says packing & planning can't be simplified? Here's to efficient travel!

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