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How to Earn More, Spend Less, & Live Better

I’m constantly on the quest to improve my life and make better choices than decisions I’ve made in the past.

We’ve all had setbacks, regrets, and missed opportunities. And there are two times a year when I tend to reflect on those and see how I can do better, be better, and have better - my birthday and the new year.

One way I hope to have, do, and be better is through my side hustle - this blog that I’ve turned into a small, yet growing business. I continually find ways for it to help me earn more, spend less, and overall live better.  

And if you’re anything like me (which I bet you are since you’re on my site), you’d probably like to do the same.

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My Top 4 Favorite Travel Brands

I don’t know what it is, but I’m often curious about the products people really use. I mean, not what they say they use to keep up appearances but what they honestly tend to reach for on an everyday I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to think basis.

From travel accessories to gadgets to beauty and skincare, and even home and cleaning products, I can’t get enough of these types of videos, blog posts, and “behind the scenes” glimpses. Am I alone in this? I'm going to go out on a limb and say no.   

So what is it about knowing these seemingly trivial details about others? I guess it’s because it makes us feel human, or maybe it makes them - the people we watch & read & learn from online - feel more human to us.

Or maybe we’ve just all grown accustomed to social media telling us everything about everyone just about every second of the day. Yeah, that could be it too. 

Well in case you are curious,  I have a few posts and videos coming up about the travel products and essential items that I really use - starting with the video I have for you today that talks all about my favorite travel brands...

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How To Pack Light for Winter Travel: 7 Tips to Beat the Cold Weather 'Blues'

Ahh the cold weather blues. I don't know about you, but winter is my least favorite season. I hate to say it, but it's true. Less day light so my mood is more blue. If it snows/sleets/rains I stay inside while listening to the blues (well, jazz really). And freezing cold temperatures so my poor toes and fingers literally turn blue (p.s. if you live in a warm climate and you voluntarily travel to the cold... must be nice. All I got to say on that...).

Well there are some good things about winter. Hot chocolate by the fire (if you don't live in Korea like me), cuddling and getting cozy, cute winter boots, and winter sports! In the winter you can go tubing, snowboarding, skiing, while simultaneously falling gracefully (aka crashing) in the snow! It's a comfort to know that the joy of these activities can relieve your winter blues in a jiffy, especially if you're with good company and a few evening cocktails. So thinking about these things doesn't give me the blues, but sometimes thinking of the journey to get there does...

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How To Pack & Plan With Ease: The Travel Checklist & Planner

So it's the night before your big trip. You're in a slight panic running around the house looking for your favorite shirt or making a "quick" trip to the travel-sized aisle in Target (quick, haha - laughable). You're traveling to 'insert your destination of choice here' tomorrow and you want to make sure you're not forgetting anything... like you did the last time. How did I forget my toothbrush!? And the time before that. Where's my phone charger!!!??? 

Well you've been looking forward to this trip for a while now and you're not going to let forgetting a few items hold you back from enjoying your well earned spot on the beach. So you purchase a toothbrush at the airport for about the price of a sandwich and a charger there as well for about double the price it would normally cost. That's about $50 bucks that you could've spent on more souvenirs, a nicer dinner experience, or upgrading your package at the spa, but c'est la vie. Right?...

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