What's Your Side Hustler Personality Type?

Today I’m going to do something a little out of character (strange I know, since I’m talking about personality types) and make this a short and sweet post.

And all you need to do is answer this simple question…

Is there a one size fits all method for starting a business?

First, allow me to back up.

I used to live in South Korea and for my "day hustle" I was an English teacher. The one thing I noticed (which is often hard to account for in a classroom of 20+ students) is that there are several different learning styles.

Not everyone operates the same way.

I realized that my students had different strengths that allowed them to learn and retain information in different ways and so I began to wonder...

...is this also true for business?

Then one day, after a "mixed medium" lesson at school, I was inspired to think of the different ways we approach business, and how that then affects how we run our business.

And 3 days later I had 9 questions, 4 different profile types, 4 five page resource guides, and the beginnings of logo designs for what I call The Side Hustler Personality Quiz.

TAKE THE QUIZ HERE (if you haven't done so already) and learn your side hustler personality type:

The Natural || The Innate Entrepreneur

The Go-Getter || The Driven Conqueror

The Idealist || The Passion Powerhouse

The Visionary || The Pathfinding Innovator

What's Your Side Hustler Personality Type? Discover your strengths and learn how to counteract your weaknesses. Start by taking the Quiz to find out at viaYuri.com/quiz || Yuri Gibson of viaYuri.com || What type of side hustler are you?

Original notes from my journal.

(this is a page directly out of my journal, the day I started working on the side hustler types)


Business Is All About Being Self Aware

It's important to understand our strengths and weaknesses specifically when it comes to running a side hustle.

I mean, think about it. You’re actually trying to run a business.

So what if you’re great at making products and resources, but you kinda suck at promoting yourself? *raises hand*

Or perhaps you’re a natural marketer, but visual branding really isn’t your strength?

Maybe you know these things about yourself and maybe you don’t.

The point is to find a way to leverage your natural strengths in a way that supports your weaknesses.

And aim NOT to become a member of the “80% of new businesses fail” statistic.

Set yourself, and your business, up for success and use this quiz an opportunity to become even more self aware.

Because self awareness is how you get better at what you do.

So if you know promotion isn’t your strong suit, then you develop systems that will naturally promote for you.

And if you know branding really isn’t your thing, you use a simple method to get it over and done with. That way you can start focus on what you’re really good at.  



Why Do You Really Want To Start a Side Hustle?

These side hustler types are based on your personal motivations for starting a side hustle. And your motivations will in turn, affect how you choose to run your side hustle. They each have strengths and weaknesses and yes, it is possible to be a combination of two (or more).

*DISCLAIMER: this is not an exact science. This is something I personally developed to help aspiring side hustlers discover their natural strengths and identify potential areas they may need some help.

So disclaimer officially stated, what’s your driving force behind starting a side hustle?

To help learn what drives you, you first need to ask the right questions:

  • Are you primarily in it for the hustle?

  • Are you primarily in it for the work itself?

  • Are you primarily in it for the possibilities?

  • Are you primarily in it for the freedom?


Once you know what drives you, it becomes that much easier to:

  • foresee potential weak spots + learn how to counter them

  • know when to ask for help

  • find additional resources that may be suited just for you

And I cover all of this in the free profiles I created for each type :)


So take a few minutes and have some fun. Find out if you’re a Natural, a Go-Getter, a Visionary, or an Idealist and let me know your results in the comments below!!!

That’s all for today (told you I was keeping this short, well “short” for me).

Until the next time…