My Top 4 Favorite Travel Brands

My Top 4 Favorite Travel Brands - aka the Brands & Products that I feel are worth the hype & money |

I don’t know what it is, but I’m often curious about the products people really use. I mean, not what they say they use to keep up appearances but what they honestly tend to reach for on an everyday I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to think basis.

From travel accessories to gadgets to beauty and skincare, and even home and cleaning products, I can’t get enough of these types of videos, blog posts, and “behind the scenes” glimpses. Am I alone in this? I'm going to go out on a limb and say no.   

So what is it about knowing these seemingly trivial details about others? I guess it’s because it makes us feel human, or maybe it makes them - the people we watch & read & learn from online - feel more human to us.

Or maybe we’ve just all grown accustomed to social media telling us everything about everyone just about every second of the day. Yeah, that could be it too. 

Well in case you are curious,  I have a few posts and videos coming up about the travel products and essential items that I really use - starting with the video I have for you today that talks all about my favorite travel brands...

(*psst more details of each brand & product are listed below the video in this post)


And to help expunge your curiosity even more here are all the brands and products that I talk about in the video (psst for a list with all the links + more of my favorite travel products click here):

My Favorite Travel Brand #1 - Flight 001

My favorite products that I mentioned from Flight 001 are the Spacepak bags. I have a set of 3 in grey (which includes that smaller toiletry bag that I mentioned), a larger toiletry kit as well (white and mint polka dotted one - looooooovvvvveeeee this!), and also my lovely lanvendar lingerie bag (I love how fancy and adult that makes me sound - and that I just ruined all that by typing this).


Oh, and one oh so important feature that I forgot to mention in the video is that their Spacepak packing cubes are dual sided. What do I mean by this? Well on one side there is a “clean” compartment. Then you flip it over and place your dirty laundry on the other side. Brillant!


I also talk about my favorite 4-In-1 travel adapter which is small, convenient, and color coded by country. Last year while living in Korea, I flew to Singapore to take a cruise to Malaysia and Thailand. Just think of all the different travel adapters I would need for that trip, but I only brought this one. It’s genius, adaptable, and cute - the perfect trifecta for most things in life (ladies, you know what I mean… *ahem*).


My quart size bag from Flight 001 that I use for TSA also makes an appearance here as well. It’s just very much my taste - simple, clean and to the point, but still sleek and stylish in it’s own way. I guess you could say this about all of Flight 001’s products which is probably why they’re one of my top brands.


My Favorite Travel Brand #2 - Humangear

Humangear is a company that was founded by an engineer and product designer - Chris Miksovsky - who hails from one of my favorite design companies IDEO (I’m a designer, so yes I have favorite design companies... so there).

All that being said, their motto is “real gear for real humans” and he even calls himself the “Chief Executive Human”. Hey, I like a company with a sense of humor and wit. 

I first discovered their GoToob’s years ago in Target and have been a fan ever since. When I travel I like to use the same beauty and skincare routine that I do at home. I also hate buying travel sized products because to me they’re a waste of money and packaging. .

A few months ago the company actually sent me GoTubb’s (because of how I raved about the GoToob's before in a previous video), and I’ve been testing them out for a couple of months now and love them! I actually use the GoTubb’s to house my current homemade beauty concoctions in the shower. I also use the smaller ones to house my Advil stash and my backup coconut oil supply which I keep with me at all times.


My Favorite Travel Brand #3 - Lo & Sons

I discovered Lo & Sons a few years back through the Everygirl blog and was immediately intrigued. One thing that I should make clear right now is that I’m a sucker for organization and well thought out design (again hence why I love Flight 001’s spackpak bags). I feel like I had been searching  for a bag that was attractive, stylish, and actually functional,  and I found that with Lo & Sons O.M.G. Bag

My only regret is that I got the O.M.G. and not the O.G., but my fear at the time was that I’m sooo short (not even 5’1), and that the larger bag would dwarf me. But alas, I am still happy and using the smaller bag forces me to pack lighter which in my book should always be considered a plus.

(p.s. - I feel like I couldn't get a decent shot of my bag, so check out their site to see all the different options they have - you won't be disappointed).

(p.p.s - Don't forget to sign up for their email list - they have amazing sales & deals quite frequently!)


My Favorite Travel Brand #4 - Everlane

Everlane is an amazing company. They’re products are stylish and durable and their message is transparent yet slightly edgy.

One of their company values is radical transparency through sharing the exact prices that it costs them to make each product. In addition to this they also give background info about each of the factories around the world that their products are made in.

In addition to their refreshing ethics, they have great travel products as well. I love the simple and clean straightforward lines of their bags and the materials they use as well. I have these two bags in the same reverse denim fabric - the Twill Tote and the Twill Backpack.


I also love the little practical things like how the tote bags have zippers to stop things from falling out. For a traveler this is also useful for discouraging prying fingers when you're out exploring different cities (although I’ve admittedly been very spoiled living in Korea - crime here is very low).


I hope you enjoyed the video and found this post helpful. I tried a new style of editing (as opposed to my older videos where I didn’t really edit at all…) called jump cutting, and I’m feeling it. What do you think of this new style? Let me know in the comments below.

And one last thing, I made a list of my 13  favorite travel products - in flight, tech, apparel, and even running a business on the go. If you’re interested just click here (no email address required - haha).  

That’s all for now. Until the next time…