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5 Lessons Learned from Launching My First Book

I remember graduating college and thinking that I’d never have to work so hard again in my life.

I believed that everything I did in college was to prove myself, and thus things would be easier once I officially entered “adult life”.

As I’m sure you’ve already figured out for yourself by now, LIFE DOES NOT WORK LIKE THAT. Especially if you own, or plan to start, your own business. If you’re ambitious and a natural hard worker (which I’m sure you are since you’re reading this post), this is our fate: Get inspired. Work hard. Deliver. Repeat.

Now that the initial book launch is officially over, I’ve been reflecting on what worked well and what didn’t.  So today I’m sharing my top 5 lessons learned from the launch of my first book, The DIY Side Hustle Starter Guide.

Now sit back, relax, take some notes, and let’s dive in…

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7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Side Hustle

I’ve been at this side hustle thing for over 3 years.

And I've learned that a side hustle doesn’t have to be big to be powerful. But I’ve also learned that you have to keep moving forward, adapting, and testing until you find something that works for you. Consistency and focus is key. And success most definitely isn’t going to come overnight...

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How to Earn More, Spend Less, & Live Better

I’m constantly on the quest to improve my life and make better choices than decisions I’ve made in the past.

We’ve all had setbacks, regrets, and missed opportunities. And there are two times a year when I tend to reflect on those and see how I can do better, be better, and have better - my birthday and the new year.

One way I hope to have, do, and be better is through my side hustle - this blog that I’ve turned into a small, yet growing business. I continually find ways for it to help me earn more, spend less, and overall live better.  

And if you’re anything like me (which I bet you are since you’re on my site), you’d probably like to do the same.

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How My Shameful Debt Story Inspired Me to Start a Business

*Inhales breath* I have a bit of a personal post to share and I think the best way for you to hear it is in my own voice...

So click the image to check out this podcast and learn my (huge) secret shame...

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