How My Shameful Debt Story Inspired Me to Start a Business

*Inhales breath* I have a bit of a personal post to share and I think the best way for you to hear it is in my own voice.

Today I have my first podcast about how I spent $100,000+ for an education that I worked very hard in only to feel lost and rejected in the end. And now, how the pressure and weight of this reality has changed my trajectory. And how it has inspired me to find ways for myself, and for others, to overcome our circumstances - both ones we were forced into and those of our own doing.

How My Shameful Debt Story Inspired Me to Start a Business - aka how my story may help you or others avoid the costly mistakes I made while in college |

This is a very personal subject to me and I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel vulnerable sharing this. I'm reporting my story from ground zero - before I've grown my email list, made more than a couple hundred dollars in one month, and achieved really any means of what we consider "success" in the online solopreneur world. 

But I haven't heard anyone else talking about mistakes quite like these and maybe if I did I'd feel a little less shame and a little more hope. 

Now don't worry, this is in no way a sad or soppy tale. Instead it is one of mistakes that should provide a lesson or two and hopefully a fresh perspective of hope and empowerment. So listen to my story and see if it can help you or anyone else in any way:

(*hint hint* share this with any college student or soon to be college student that you know:)


Now that you've heard about my college shame I hope you feel less insecure about whatever debt, remorse, preventable situation, or difficult circumstance you may be dealing with. 

I haven't heard many documenting their journey before becoming a "success story" - without all the expert sounding blog posts that we are told to write in order to build our credibility. And so I'm sharing my story from the beginning to both empower others to take action and to hold myself accountable. 

And even though I have barely begun to conquer my story, I urge you to stay tuned in the future because trust me when I say this: 

You will one day be reading, hearing, or watching me when I say that I have done it.


So maybe it's also time for you make an affirmation like this for yourself. Why? Because despite whatever is weighing on you or whatever ball you currently feel chained to in your life, it's time to accept it by owning your story and finding a path so that no matter what you do, you keep moving forward. 

Maybe the solution to your problem is the same as mine - to start a side hustle that will eventually be it's own full fledged business:

  • A business that will help pay off massive amounts of debt which will lead towards handling money like a real adult.
  • A business that enables more flexibility and freedom and bucket list items that are checked off often.  
  • A business that allows the opportunity to dream, develop, create, and do the things that you love to do, develop, and create. 

And since you may be thinking that a side hustle is the solution for you as well, I encourage you to start at ground zero.  

Ground zero is the first part of establishing a solid foundation for your side hustle that has no other path than success.

And for me that starts with sharing my story today - releasing the skeletons in my closet so that I can make room for the good things to come. 


I was serious when I said I'm trying to create an "info" product that acts as a foundation for getting us out of our circumstances - aka the first step up from ground zero. And if you're interested in starting a side hustle of your own, then sign up to get my free Side Hustle Starter Tools Checklist

Your Action Task for Today:

Now let me know in the comments below what circumstance you want to overcome - It can be one you were forced into, or one you created for yourself like I did. 

Also let me know if you plan on documenting your journey as well - but no pressure on that part. I know vulnerability is scary (I was shaking when I told you my "scarlet" number).

That's all for now. Until the next time I share an embarrassing truth that hopefully inspires you...