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The Side Hustle Quickstart Roadmap

The Side Hustle Quickstart Roadmap Free Course Worksheets | viaYuri.com

Worksheets From the Free Course


Nail Your Niche


The Born to Build a Business Workbook

You'll never get where you're going, if you're not sure where you're trying to go...


Build Your Brand

The Branding for Business Color Meanings Cheatsheet | viaYuri.com

The Branding Color Meanings Cheatsheet

Brand Your Blog and Business Checklist | viaYuri.com

Blogging for Business Branding Checklist

The Web Page Layout Style Guide | viaYuri.com

The Web Page Layout Style Guide

Brand Mood Board Templates


Set Your Systems


My Top Tools

Check out an overview of the tools & workflows  I use to run my business by clicking the button or the links below.


Website Platform    |    Design Tool    |    Email Provider    |    Digital Product Delivery    |    Clients Management    |    Organizing & Storage    |    Physical Tech


Online Tools Comparison Chart

Compare the top tools in the industry for running an online business.

And choose the best tools for you and your budget.  


Form Your Funnel


Top Email Opt-In Freebies

The Interest to Income Flowchart

Interest to Income Flowchart


The Freebie to Funnel 5 Day Challenge


InDesign For Business

Free InDesign Course for Creating Your Own Digital Products, Email Opt-ins, Checklists, Workbooks, and more! | viaYuri.com

Free InDesign Course

A free course that teaches you how to create your own checklists, PDF printables, workbooks & more in my fav design program, InDesign.



Use The InDesign InfoPreneur Product Pack to create your own digital products and add passive income streams to your business.
The Pack is a complete set of 25+ InDesign Templates & 4 Mockup Templates to create printables, digital downloads, workbooks, checklists, guides, & more to set up any aspiring InfoPreneur for success.


The Blog to Business Progress Tracker


visually track your blog to business progress...

Use this free tool to track your progress as you go from starting a blog to running a business.

This will help you visually keep track of all you've already accomplished + keep you wanting to move forward. 

viaYuri.com Helping Hand Program

The Helping Hand Affiliate Program

The Helping Hand Program is an affiliate commission service that allows us to both grow and earn some additional income.

You help spread the word about the DIY Side Hustle Starter Guide and I give you a 40% commission for every book you sale!