How to Earn More, Spend Less, & Live Better

I’m constantly on the quest to improve my life and make better choices than decisions I’ve made in the past.

We’ve all had setbacks, regrets, and missed opportunities. And there are two times a year when I tend to reflect on those and see how I can do better, be better, and have better - my birthday and the new year.

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One way I hope to have, do, and be better is through my side hustle - this blog that I’ve turned into a small, yet growing business. I continually find ways for it to help me earn more, spend less, and overall live better.  

And if you’re anything like me (which I bet you are since you’re on my site), you’d probably like to do the same.

In order to spark these kind of changes, we have to create a plan. The things you want usually don’t fall into your lap, unless you’re lucky. But I tend to go by Oprah’s definition of luck:

“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity”
— Oprah

So if you want the opportunity to work with others in your niche and find collaborations that can grow your business...

If you want to afford the opportunity to take that trip you’ve always wanted and cross life-long items off your bucket list…

Or if you want to use your life as an opportunity and start your minimalist journey or maintain that healthy lifestyle that seems just out of reach...

Then ya better set a plan to be ready when they come a’ knocking on your door!


Ready to earn more through your blog and business, spend less while  implementing quality self care, and live better while growing everyday? Then read on, because this post is for you. | + The FREE Earn More, Spend Less, Liver Better Planner |

3 Ways to Earn More, Spend Less, and Live Better

1. How to Earn More With Your Blog

Set up a funnel that works while you sleep.

Here’s a simple plan for setting up a funnel that runs itself in a way that can help you earn passive income:

  1. Choose a topic that’s related to your niche, that has a product, service, or affiliate program (one you use, trust, and love) that you can promote.

  2. Write an informative and useful blog post guide, or review, that relates to that product, service, or program.

  3. Create multiple Pinterest graphics, of that same post, using your favorite design tool. Try playing with the copy (wording) on those Pins to give variety and test what works best.

  4. Find & join relevant group boards on Pinterest, which will give your pins greater reach to a larger audience.

  5. Pin those pins to your various group boards to gain traction. Rinse & repeat.

For example:

  1. Your niche is life coaching. So you find a book that’s helped you, and generate an affiliate link through your Amazon affiliate account.

  2. You write a blog post review of the book that revolves around how the book personal helped you.  Then you write  2 additional blog posts, that breaks down key topics of the book, just to drive the point home. Here are some blog post titles I would use for this example: 

    • The Simple Trick That Helped Me Conquer Overwhelm

    • 10 Ways To Do Less and Live Better

    • Doing This ONE THING Lead to the Most Growth of My Life

  3. You create multiple Pinterest graphics, of EACH blog post. You also vary the copy a little for each one. Here are some examples:

    • How I Learned to Conquer Overwhelm in Under Two Weeks

    • 10 Reasons Doing This Can Help You Live Better Everyday” 

    • The Simple Secret to Getting What You Want

  4. You find group boards that are related to that topic, and read the board descriptions to learn how to submit a request to join.

  5. You start to pin your Pinterest graphics in those group boards (make sure to follow the rules that the groups outline to avoid spamming!).



2. How to Spend Less Every Month

Choose one thing you currently pay for, that you can do for yourself.

When it comes to saving money, we often hear things like “cut out Starbucks”, or “cancel your cable subscription”. And while those are great ways to save a little money, why not do something a little more personal?

One thing we all wish we had more of is time for self care.

So, why not cut back expenses on self care in favor of doing it yourself? Plus you'll get in some well deserved “me time” #bonuspoints.  You can create your own routine and use that time to play your favorite music, or listen to an audio book you’ve been dying to get into.

For example, one thing I LOVE to do is use face sheet masks. When I lived in Korean they were super affordable and would often go in sale. Now that I’m back in the States they’re soooooo expensive. So, to save money and bring back nostalgia from my days abroad, I’ve decided to create my own skin care sheet masks!

All I do is buy these. Then I boil a bag of green tea, add some raw honey, and a few drops of my favorite oils and soak my mask. The tea bags, honey, and oils are multi-use items that I already have on hand, so no wasted money there. Whenever I’m ready to apply a sheet mask, it’s take me less than 5 minutes to create my concoction and I feel extra good knowing I did it myself in a crafty affordable way :).

Here are some other quick & inexpensive self care ideas you can do for yourself:

  • Cook a fancy meal you’d normally spend a ton of money on at a restaurant
  • A Hair Blow Out (that you did yourself), followed by wine for all that hard arm work :)
  • An At Home Manicure/Gel Nails while you ‘slightly’ binge on netflix
  • Making your own DIY Body Scrub using everyday ingredients from your pantry

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3. How to Live Better Everyday

Choose one thing you commit to doing for yourself every single day.

For so long I’ve tried to implement an extensive morning routine. This is mostly because everyone and their mama says it’s life changing. They also say the majority of successful people practice several “me first” tasks in the morning, and I for sure want to be “successful”. Don’t you?

But here’s the thing. I’VE NEVER BEEN ABLE TO STICK WITH A LONG MORNING ROUTINE. Somedays I wake up and feel inspired to randomly create something. Or, on some days I feel inspired to go on an extra long walk to mull over some ideas. For me, what’s normally prescribed as an effective morning routine takes up far too much time. I mean mediating, reading, journaling, running, walking, drinking tea, drinking lemon water, drinking a green smoothie... who has 2 hours to devote to that everyday?!

I know that taking good care of myself is crucial for me to create a side hustle that means business. But I also know that the morning is my best time for getting ish done. So I’ve decided to make a compromise. I will pick ONE non negotiable item that I have to do each morning after I wake. Not seven. Just one key task that has the great impact for me. And after that becomes a habit, maybe I’ll add a second.

The whole point of living better is to consistently do something good for yourself, or for your growth, everyday.

So start small. And start smart.

Ready to earn more through your blog and business, spend less while  implementing quality self care, and live better while growing everyday? Then read on, because this post is for you. | + The FREE Earn More, Spend Less, Liver Better Planner |

Here’s How to Create a Plan to Get What You Want:

In order to create a solid platform to earn more, spend less, and live better, you need to figure out exactly what you want.

You need to know what you’re truly working towards and the individualized lifestyle that you’re trying to build.

But if you need some guidance in order to figure out what you really want AND create a plan to get it, I’ve got ya covered. I created the FREE Earn More, Spend Less, Live Better Planner to help you kickstart your journey.

The planner walks you through the process, step-by-step, by defining what you want, determining what normally sets you back, and developing a solution to keep you on track. It also guides you through 3 important questions (have, do, be) that will help you set a plan to earn more, spend less, and live better on your OWN TERMS.

Just click the button below to get your free planner and get started! And become the visionary that you know you are.


Here’s to a better year, a better life, and a better you. Cheers!

Until the next time..



Ready to earn more through your blog and business, spend less while  implementing quality self care, and live better while growing everyday? Then read on, because this post is for you. | + The FREE Earn More, Spend Less, Liver Better Planner |